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Product Explanation
Window Glass Inspection System
Window Glass Inspection system is a full-line automatic optical vision inspection equipment which conducts total inspection on external defects (stabbing, chipping, crack, scratch, smearing, print defect, icon defect and logo defect) which occur during manufacture of LCD window glass for TSP, OLED and LCD, automatically classifying window glass into Good and NG(No good).
Module Inspection System
Mold Inspection equipment is an automatic optical inspection system that conducts comprehensive final inspection on window defect, POL defect and resin defect on the front surface of panel, as well as surface defect, FPC defect and connector defect on the bottom surface of TSP, OLED and LCD modules.
Cell Measurement & Inspection System
Cell Inspection System is an equipment which inspect and measure defects may occur during the manufacturing process of TSP, OLED and LCD cell products. This is a full automatic loading and unloading equipment using the cassette tray and recognizes product information by MCR reading when a cell product unit is loading from the tray, automatically inspecting the cell product, saving and transmitting the measurement result data to a upper main server and unloading automatically after completion of the inspection.
Internal Particle Inspection System
Internal Particle Inspection System inspect foreign materials between glasses. For example foreign materials which exist between TFT glass and color filter glass after TFT-LCD panel bonding process. This is an inspection system which detect both internal and external particles and foreign materials of the glass, classify and distinguish between internal and external particles to inspect finally and detect only internal particles or foreign materials.
Edge Inspection System
Edge Inspection System which is to promote and improve productivity of production line is early detection equipment of physical defects on the materials near panel edge, corner areas and surface areas before and after grinding. The quality of panels is being monitored by measuring and inspecting the following defect items: dimension, burr, broken, chipping, etc. In addition, the defected materials are separated to prevent from being transferred into the next following process. This system reduce overall repair costs and increase production efficiency.
Grinder Vision System
Grinder Vision System measures position and angle between grinder and panel before grinding panel and aligns the grinder and panel. After grinding, this measures the amount of grind on PAD surface, non-PAD surface and corner to insure the quality of the panel.